The Daizyp

Daizyp is a brand new, eco-friendly tool that transform your trash bin into a smart one, perfect for stack used cups.
Improve recycle, avoid waste of space and keep all your environment more clean and tidy.
Save space, save money and save planet all-in-one!

Daizyp is compatible with almost any type of waste bin and container and can be installed both inside and outside your bin. And most important, Daizyp is a complete low-cost handy solution: you don't have to buy additional devices or bins!

Daizyp is available in two sizes: normal (diameter Ø 84 mm) and XL (diameter Ø 96 mm) to stack any type of disposable cups around the world!

Check out videos and see how Daizyp works!

Project updates

Latest news about Daizyp project:

The Daizyp project is constantly evolving and thank to our testers we're getting more and more info to make Daizyp increasingly efficient.

The latest upgrade "Cover-base", transforms and expands Daizyp to be used with other types of waste and increases its versatility and usage contexts.

Daizyp simulator let's you play with used cups and simulates the use of Daizyp to collect and stack them.
You can choose the normal version or bigger XL and a variety of types of cups that can be used simultaneously.
Play with Daizyp simulator: change color, add cups of different types and sizes, fill it up and then empty it!
That's the way Daizyp works!

We are spreading the voice about Daizyp recycle revolution! For make it happens we need your help to let people know Daizyp and the benefits it brings for everybody and the planet.

And if you love Daizyp and believe in the project you can help us in achieve it donating, we'll appreciate that.
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Wanna know more on Daizyp? How is born and how has been created and designed? How can be used and where?
Select areas below and discover info, ideas and tips on Daizyp. The project is just started and it's open for your creativity and suggestions, so feel free to contact us if you want to know more or if you want to help us in developing and evolution!

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