Daizyp Story

Daziyp it's born to satisfy a need and to solve a problem.

Is a young tool and its story has just begun, but the journey so far has been very fun and interesting and we're looking forward to see where it'll lead us.

It doesn't really matter where you go but how you feel while getting there.

Daizyp is coming - rays
Daizyp is coming - silhouette halo
Daizyp is coming - silhouette
Daizyp is coming - mountains
Daizyp is coming - city 1
Daizyp is coming - city 2
Daizyp is coming - people 1
Daizyp is coming - people 2

The problem

We're so tired to see trash cans full and garbage obscenity along street or worst in our spaces, can't take it anymore!
Come on, we're living in the twenty-first century, tecnology anywhere and still getting this mess? Stop this madness please!

We know, this is a mission! But not an utopia and we can achieve it all together!
And it's pretty simple:the first move is start to use the space we have in a smarter way, possibly reduce wadying it by zipping it.

If we reduce wasting space we'll reduce money efforts on trash recycling problems and improve planet health at the same time.

The lesser wasted space, the better place!

collage garbage 1
collage garbage 2
collage garbage 3
collage garbage 4

The idea!

What happens if we mix together the Tetris game and basketball using cups?
That's the idea...

Did you ever try to throw your used cup trying to stack it into another?
What a satisfaction scoring a perfect shot, isn't it?
Just like completing a row in Tetris...

By using Daizyp you can get all of this easily!
Throw your used cup into it and Daizyp will do the rest, stacking the cups and keeping the world just a little cleaner and tidier.

The Daizyp idea - tetris
The Daizyp idea - basketball
The Daizyp idea

The design

Every home, office, shop and place will love to have Daizyp inside: the design helps to install a Daizyp in almost every type of waste bin or container.

Daizyp "mono-block" is the first version of Daizyp developed and the launch model for start crowfunding campaign: The hook on the main body let Daizyp to be applied on trash bins edges choosing to install inside the bin or outside.

The pin on the bottom stops the cups from falling and when full it can be emptied from the bottom side easily pulling it out.

The pad on the top is optional and can be used to apply sticker, image or message you prefer, telling users how to use Daizyp and distinguish what to put insidewhat to put inside in a simple and intuitive way.

The Daizyp design - mockup
Daizyp design render


Daizyp can be used in many contexts: wherever there are cups to collect, Daizyp is ready to get'em stacked for you!

The "mono-block" launch model includes the body (height 270mm) with hook on the top, the locking pin to be inserted at the bottom and the upper pad for applying stickers and images.
It will be available in two sizes: normal (Ø 84mm) and XL (Ø 96mm) to be used with almost every type and kind of cups around the world.

Please check-out which solution perfectly suits your needs in the demo page. And if you can't find any feel free to create a new one and share with other Daizyppers!

Daizyp Solutions
Daizyp Solutions collage
Daizyp Solutions colors


Start using Daizyp is a brilliant idea!
Look at the difference between using or not Daizyp: smart vs. dumb trash bin.

The benefits start using Daizyp are many:

  • Save a lot of space
  • Recycling is easier and funnier
  • Save more garbage bags and money
  • Help the planet to be a nicer place
  • Fight the trash bins sadness adding a touch of smart style and color

Our mission: bring Daizyp in the habits of every day,
a simple action that can make the difference.
Join the cause and become a Daizypper!

Daizyp Benefits Saving space
Daizyp Benefits Waste Clean
Daizyp Benefits Emptying


Daizyp project started on October 2015.
It took little to take shape from an idea to reality, and the first prototype that I made and then modified improving it, today is still installed in my kitchen ... and I can't do without it.

My name is Efrem, I love to invent new things that can be useful to everyone and at the same time are both beautiful and pleasant to use and watch.

I believe in this project and I feel excited to discover, day after day, where it will takes us.

And yes, I'll keep catching the buttefly!

Daizyp About
Daizyp About
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Daizyp About at work
Daizyp About designer
Daizyp idea bulb
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