The Daizyp project is constantly evolving and thank to our testers we're getting more and more info to make Daizyp increasingly efficient.

The main objective is to achieve most simplicity of use combined with the best handling, focusing on the efficiency that everyone can benefit from.
Especially the environment, putting the consideration of respect for the environment at first place.

Daizyp is an eco-friendly tool that helps people to keep the environment cleaner improving recycling, and itself is designed and built with bio-degradable and recycled materials.
From Daizyp staff to every single component that is part of Daizyp respects these policies and we are happy to help people in their daily habits making them smarter and colorful.

Cover Base

The "Cover base" upgrade is a powerful feature that increases possibilities of Daizyp uses and improves smart recycling.
Daizyp is an umbeatable used cups stacker, and thanks to cover base it gets unstoppable even with other type of waste.
The base upgrade is modular and this allows the user to choose whether to adopt it based on the type of content that needs to be stacked.

Cover base upgrade features:

  • Full closing the bottom part of the body
  • Keep content stacked
  • Avoid falling pieces
  • Avoid bag jams
  • Strong support for heavy content
  • Install and remove easy

Daizyp cover base
Daizyp cover base colors

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